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Reverse Mortgage's Role in Financial and Estate Planning  

Conventional wisdom has been changing even though the challenge remains the same:  How to Make My Client's Money Last!   A reverse mortgage can increase portfolio longevity including Asset Preservation, Cash Flow Management, Stand By Line of Credit, Security and Quality of Life.

Did you know that a borrower can purchase a home with a Reverse Mortgage Purchase Loan?  Contact us for a particular client scenario or illustration of our Retiree SMART HOME plan.

Below are several articles on the role that a Reverse Mortgage can play in a client's financial and estate planning.  

"Harold Evensky on ETFs, Reverse Mortgages, and the Most Important Investment in the Coming Decade"

by Carly Schulaka


When Even Wealthy Homeowners Are Using Reverse Mortgages, The Question Is: Why Aren't You?

  • Older Americans should have a financial planner help develop a strategy that combines income from a reverse mortgage with other assets in their securities portfolio.



HECM Reverse Mortgage: Now or Last Resort

This study compares the efficacy of two simple strategies: (1) establish an HECM line of credit at age 62, under the current lending and interest rate environment, and do not use the HECM line of credit until the investment portfolio is exhausted; or (2) wait until the investment portfolio is exhausted, if ever, and establish an HECM line of credit on that date and subsequently begin to use the proceeds to support income needs until the line of credit is exhausted.

By Shaun Pfeiffer, Ph.D.; C. Angus Schaal, CFP®; and John Salter, Ph.D., CFP®, AIFA®




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